Total support and assistance for our customers

Our goal: provide the best possible service

Calor Ricambi M. G. stands out for the level of service it offers its customers.
We don’t just sell products, we support our customers in all ways.


Find out how we support you!

Calor Ricambi M.G.’s core business is the service it offers its customers. In fact, we believe that excellent service is an integral part of excellent sales.
We are proud to be one of the few companies in Milan and the surrounding area that offers truly comprehensive service. What does that mean? That we often step in for the companies and are able to do what they are not.

Our services include:

  • Technical office that is always available for product selection
  • Before the sale
  • After the sale, with technical support on the products
  • Dimension calculations
  • Warranty assistance, providing replacements quickly
  • Speed of merchandise preparation
  • Delivery to the construction site with our vehicle
  • Choice of products with interchangeable alternatives
  • 24 hour telephone support
  • Opening the sales location on holidays for emergencies
  • Being the sole supplier contact for all products
  • Events with illustration of new items on the market
  • Technical courses in collaboration with companies

For any product or service you need, we are on our way!


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