Discover all the materials that are always available in our warehouse

Product sales in Milan

Calor Ricambi M.G. is located in Milan and offers a wide range of products.
In particular we offer materials for:

  • heating
  • plumbing
  • air conditioning
  • renewable energy
  • gas systems

Why choose Calor Ricambi M.G.?

Calor Ricambi M.G. stands out from its competitors for:

  • Vastness of the offer: we have a large warehouse that is always replenished with all possible products
  • Service: for us, service is an integral part of the work. We support our customers in every possible way. For example, we provide 24h telephone support, open the sales location even during holidays in case of emergencies, deliver to workshops with our own vehicle, and much more
  • Deliveries: you can come pick up the materials at our warehouse or we can deliver them to you with our own vehicle or via a courier
  • Experience: Calor Ricambi has been on the market for 18 years and was founded after the owner had earned 10 years of experience at a large company in the plant engineering industry
  • Rapidity: our structure is slim and quick and we will get the products you need in record time
  • Competitive prices: our prices are highly competitive, see for yourself!

For any product or service you need, we are on our way!


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