Calor Ricambi M.G. S.r.l.

People first, your whole world in your hands

Meloni Stefano

This is the motto that drove founder Stefano Meloni to create Calor Ricambi M.G. in 2006.

For 18 years, Calor Ricambi M.G. has been a point of reference in Milan for the sale of products for heating, plants, and plumbing.
How was Calor Ricambi M.G. born? 10 years of experience in a large plant engineering company laid the foundations for today’s consolidated organisation for Heating, Installers, and Plumbers in Milan and the province.

Just as it did 17 years ago, Calor Ricambi M.G. is involved in the sales of materials for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, renewable energy, and gas systems. We stand out due to our high degree of specialisation in the choice of materials, support before and after the sale, and delivery speed and precision.

We have become partners with various builders and are able to provide comprehensive service that is always focused on the customer.
The material can be purchased at our warehouse or it can be delivered by us or by our affiliated couriers. Our prices our competitive thanks to the slim structure we use for managing a consistent volume of products.

Today we look towards the future with the same strength and determination we have had since our foundation, aiming towards continuously improving our services and prices in a continuously evolving market.

We also aim to expand our sales network in Italy, while also serving foreign customers that are general contractors for large package plants, for which we are highly specialised and competitive.
For any product or service you need, we are on our way!

For any product or service you need, we are on our way!


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